Meet the 2013 CI Industry Leaders
CI recognizes these 58 firms as the top integrators serving 12 key vertical markets and analyzes what makes them successful.


August 06, 2013 By CI Staff

Think of the CI Industry Leaders as power rankings. We recognize the top integration firms serving 12 vertical markets, not purely by revenue but by a variety of factors including reputation, innovation and market approach. Put another way, these are companies that are making waves and worth watching.

Maybe you’ve never heard of ZDI, Inc., a $10 million integrator, but it’s growing at a 100-percent year-over-year pace, just one reason the Illinois-based firm is on our top-five rankings in the museum market, alongside $120 million firm Electrosonic.

Then there’s little-known IMS Technology Services, also growing at a meteoric rate with a 50 percent increase in revenue and 25 percent jump in employees over the past couple of years. It shares the top-10 list of corporate market integrators with $529.8 million AVISPL, $176 million Whitlock and another company you might not know, Lone Tree, Colo.-based Logic Integration. With $3.2 million in commercial market revenue, Logic Integration — a former residential integrator — has reinvented itself with a diverse B2B client base.

Some might call it a hodgepodge of companies, but we consider it a true reflection of the commercial integration industry today. AVI-SPL, the undisputed largest firm in the industry, knows it will compete for projects with more niche providers like Strongsville, Ohio-based iVideo Technologies, and both crack our top-5 list of health care market integrators.

While large firms like AVI-SPL and Whitlock are able to stay well diversified, several integration firms on our CI Industry Leaders lists are extremely market focused. Purchase, N.Y.-based ANC Sports does 90 percent of its business with large venue clients. Meanwhile, 10 integration firms (Alpha Video, AVI-SPL, Compview, CTSI, Ford Audio Video, HB Communications, Logic Integration, Ping HD, VideoSonic and Whitlock) are diversified enough to appear in more than one of our lists of market-leading fi rms.

Efforts were made to ensure that CI Industry Leaders aren’t simply lists of integration firms that maintain good communication with Commercial Integrator editors. The program isn’t voluntary. We invited and encouraged integration firms to submit detailed information in an online application, but limiting our selections to those that applied would not be objective. So our next step was to solicit additional nominations from several sources, including consultants and manufacturers. We investigated nominations by reviewing published case studies on firms’ websites and in industry trade publications.

Some companies flat-out didn’t want to participate, and you’ll see that reflected with data omissions in our coverage of each market. Just because a firm doesn’t want to share information with a reporter doesn’t mean they’re not an industry leader.

Note that our lists of the top integrators serving each vertical market aren’t numbered 1 through 5 or 1 through 10. Since the main criteria aren’t revenue, ranking these diversely structured companies would be like comparing apples to oranges.

Instead, our goal was to identify qualified companies with dynamic, effective approaches to delivering solutions for their clients. The integration firms that do that the best, in our estimation, are the 2013 CI Industry Leaders.

Click here to download the complete report, “Meet the 2013 CI Industry Leaders.”

For a snapshot of the firms, download a graphical breakdown of the 58 selected.

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