As labor costs continue to creep up in China and other foreign countries, American companies are taking a second look at the possibility of moving their manufacturing back to the United States. For executives at Peerless-AV, the move is not something they are contemplating… they have already done it.

In the past Peerless-AV, which produces mounts and electronics, made about 30 percent of its products in Kunshan, China. Right now, all of Peerless-AV’s mounts and articulating mounts are made in Aurora, Ill.. Peerless-AV put their money where their mouth is: over $25 million was spent making that Aurora, Ill. factory larger.

John Potts is the company’s president:

“By manufacturing our solutions in the US, we are one of the most responsive and adaptive leaders in the industry. We currently manufacture over 90% of our SKUs out of our Aurora, Ill., facility. This local capability allows us to work with our customers to provide truly custom solutions and offer them the opportunity to see the process of their solutions as they are being developed.

We regularly have customers come on-site to see the way we manufacture products. Immersing them in the production experience gives them the confidence that personally crafted solutions will be uniquely well suited to meet their needs. Being made in America also allows the flexibility to change or tweak our products, as well as manage quality control, in a dynamic and rapidly evolving marketplace.”

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