Budget and Funding: Why You Need to Understand Your Customer’s Process

AV integrators need to know how clients’ funding is approved and how their ROI will be determined for new AV systems as new solutions need to fit into customers’ overall business strategies.

CI Staff

As an AV integrator, it’s vitally important to understand how a new system will fit into a client’s overall business strategy. To do this, integrators must speak with their clients’ IT departments.

When bringing in new systems, an IT director must justify his decisions and fit them into his company’s overall goals and strategies. AV integrators must know what those strategies are and understand their clients’ budgets and funding processes in order to successfully integrate new systems and build trusting relationships with IT departments.

AV integrators should ask IT directors the following questions:

  • How and why does the new solution fit into an overall IT strategy?
  • How is funding approved?
  • How will ROI be determined?

Truly understanding where a client’s money comes from and how it flows is important, says Joseph Arena from Yorktel in the CI webcast “17 Tips for Winning Over Customers’ IT Directors,” but building long-term, strong relationships with clients’ IT directors is even more crucial.

Watch the video below to hear more from Arena on how to understand customers’ budgets and funding processes:

More tips for building stong relationships with IT departments:

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