5 A/V Technologies that Will Define the Next 5 Years

Learn why DisplayPort, HDMI, HDBaseT, Miracast and MHL will impact the future of integration in this free download.

Perhaps the most commonly desired quality when investing in or upgrading an A/V system is the ability of the installation to be “future proof.” Future proof projects, if they existed, would anticipate new developments in technology and market direction. This would minimize negative consequences while simultaneously capitalizing on fresh opportunities. Of course it is impossible for anyone to completely and accurately predict the future.

In this paper we will analyze past and current industry and market trends in order to identify with confidence, those topologies and systems that are most likely to be of critical concern in commercial and consumer A/V system design and installation from now through 2018. In doing this we aren’t predicting the future so much as we are identifying current trends and market forces and illuminating the most likely market outcomes. We will focus on the five technologies likely to show the greatest market growth and/or market impact on general A/V integration.

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