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Digital Projection International TITAN WUXGA Quad 2000 3D

MSRP: $99,995
Shipdate: 12/15/2012
TITAN WUXGA Quad 2000 3D

DPI presents a revolution in advanced 3-chip DLP displays with the new 20,000 lumen TITAN WUXGA Quad 2000-3D projector. Incredibly compact and efficient for its lumen performance, the Quad 2000 incorporates DPI’s 3D Dual Flash Processing™ connectivity, Intelligent Lens Mount, ColorMax™ color calibration technology, and more to suit almost any commercial installation or staging application imaginable.  Additionally, the 4-lamp Quad 2000 produces this remarkable brightness while being much smaller in size, lighter and creating less measureable noise than similar displays.  Futhermore, the Quad 2000’s advanced image Warp and Blend allows for extensive geometric warp correction for screens with complex geometry.

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1) Advanced Warp and Blend capabilities, including the ability to make extensive geometric warp correction for screens with complex geometry.

2) Applications with 120 Hz native sources utilize the High Bandwidth input, eliminating the need for frame doubling. For 60 Hz 3D applications, DPI’s built-in Dual Flash Processing™ enables distribution of 3D content via 60 Hz formats by frame-doubling the signal within the projector, producing the low flicker image characteristics of a native 120 Hz source without the infrastructure costs associated with distributing and switching ultra-high bandwidth signals.

3) The TITAN Quad 2000 lineup marks the world’s first projectors of this brightness, in a chassis with such a small form factor.

Integrator Benefit

The TITAN Quad 2000’s careful engineering guarantees that integrators and end-users alike will experience remarkable resolution, color saturation and light output for years to come. Equally important, DPI’s legacy in providing superior customer and technical services assures our experienced support staff is always available to address our client’s needs.

Promotional Description

DPI’s new 20,000 lumen TITAN 1080p Quad 2000-3D projector delivers an incredibly bright, compact and efficient display for venues of any size.  Audiences can expect dazzling imagery from the TITAN Quad 2000, even in rooms with ambient light.  Advanced capabilities such as warp, blend and 3D functionality allow for truly memorable, immersive imagery.

About Digital Projection International

55 Chastain Road, Suite 115
Kennesaw, Georgia  30144
United States of America

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