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Inside 35 High-Tech Distance Learning Colleges
From innovative web conferencing technology to robust online…
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Inside Sensory Technologies’ Secrets to Mid-Market Success
Sensory Technologies’ unique growth strategy is made possible by…
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IoT, Managed Services & System Security Represent Opportunities
With more devices connected every day, integrators need to make…
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IT Leaders Gather at White House to Address Talent Gap
Carousel Industries' Tim Hebert among TechHire program members…
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Genesis Acquisition of Edcom Tells Tale of Two Companies
$40 million Genesis Integration scoops up assets of $6.5 million…
7 Game-Changing Trends at InfoComm 2011
Products and market conditions from InfoComm that will alter the industry.

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9 Amazing Audio Solutions
Check out some of the latest amplifiers, mixers and speakers that can help integrators improve their audio installations.
AMX Ships Enova DGX Digital Media Switchers
AMX expects enormous demand for what's marketed as a future-proof HDMI/HDCP solution that can scale any resolution.
InfoComm Poised to Capitalize on Tradeshow Momentum
More record numbers appear to be on the horizon for this year’s event as it returns to the Las Vegas Convention Center.
FSR Pumps Up PoE/USB Charger for iPad
FSR's IT-CHRG-P2U PoE to USB charger works with itss WE-IPAD2-SLV iPad enclosure.
Inside Furman/Xantech InfoComm 2013 Booth
We go inside the Furman/Xantech booth at InfoComm 2013, checking out the latest advanced power and energy management technologies.
InFocus Brings 4K Collaboration with Mondopad Ultra
Calling it the largest interactive touchscreen and videoconferencing system available, InFocus’ 85- and 80-inch Mondopad Ultra models offers video conferencing, whiteboarding and data sharing in 4K.
If You’re Doing Things the Way You’ve Always Done Them, You’re Falling Behind
Leo Hopf tells InfoComm AV Executive Conference attendees to always focus on innovation or they’ll find themselves irrelevant.
Analyzing the Significance of Microsoft Exhibiting at InfoComm 2014
With AV-IT convergence now more real than ever, how will the show—and industry—change?
InfoComm 2014 Must See: Sennheiser’s TeamConnect Conference Solutions
Get ready for InfoComm 2014: Dawn Birr gives us a preview of Sennheiser's must-see products.
AV Rapper To Open Drunk Unkles NSCA Show at InfoComm 2014
Phil "HiPhi" Cordell will add a hip-hop element to the annual Drunk Unkles charity concert at InfoComm with a four-song set.
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Hit Pause on 2017 Until You Accept These 4 Realities

Forget the numbers, even though they’re encouraging. Consolidation, lack of service revenue and firms ill-prepared to win over their customers’ IT departments pose threats to integration firms in 2017.

Genesis Acquisition of Edcom Tells Tale of Two Companies
Winter Is Coming: AV/IT Convergence Is Just a Game of Thrones
3 Ways the Industry Can Improve in 2017
4 Ways the Corporate Market Is Evolving
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Great article, Tom!
Sensory is a great company with smart leaders!

Posted by Kevin Groves on 2017 01 18 · commented on
'Inside Sensory Technologies' Secrets to Mid-Market Success'.

This is all relevant here and now the industry is changing and either be in the know or left behind. Transformation…

Posted by Home Theater San Diego on 2017 01 05 · commented on
'9 Predictions That Will Undoubtedly Impact Your Business by 2021'.

Phil, you are making an important position. 

This industry is too much about dazzling customers…

Posted by Tom LeBlanc on 2016 12 27 · commented on
'2017 CI: State of the Industry Report'.

“Our industry is about creating wonder and experiences. We’ve become a strategic asset, but IT was…

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'2017 CI: State of the Industry Report'.