Sony Spatial Reality Display Visualization Tool for Virtual Production

AOIN Uses Sony’s Spatial Reality Display for Immersive Virtual Production

AOIN leverages Sony’s Spatial Reality Display to create captivating, realistic 3D content for immersive audience experiences.

Person interacting with a digital simulation.

Telling the Story of What’s Possible With Digital Twin Simulations

Digital twins powered by simulation allow for rapid design and fast evaluations of iterations, making it a powerful tool for AV integrators and clients.

Screenshot of Just Add Power 3D Booth page.

Just Add Power’s 3D Booth Now Open to Integrators

At the virtual trade show 3D Booth by Just Add Power, integrators can experience the company’s latest AVoIP solutions.

Office with display that shows a space station and part of the globe

Sony and Mechdyne Collaborate in Aerospace Arena

Sony and Mechdyne recently collaborated to create a Crystal LED installation for 3D simulation for a government contractor client in the aerospace arena.

LG DigiTour

LG Launches DigiTour Immersive 3D Showroom

Virtual LG DigiTour platform expected to help drive business during pandemic and beyond across several vertical markets.

3D Simulations, microlearning

Interactive 3D Simulations Helps Execs and Employees with Uncomfortable Conversations

Interactive microlearning tech teaches execs and employees how to address and resolve angst-inducing issues in 15 minutes or less.

3D Printing

KFC’s Move to Russian 3D-Printed Chicken Nuggets Has Me Asking a Lot of Questions

Fast-food chain says sustainability is at the heart of its plan to 3D-print nuggets with chicken cells and plants—but is that what their customers want?

Cuttlefish 3D movies

Cuttlefish Embrace 3D Movies in Underwater Experiment—for Science, Of Course

Researchers recently constructed a miniature underwater 3D movie theater to see if humans and cuttlefish are more alike than expected.

virtual reality, VR, 3D, IMAX

IMAX Leaving 3D Behind in Favor of Virtual Reality

As IMAX theaters drop 3D technology in favor of 2D and virtual reality, the future of 3D in the consumer or commercial industries remains cloudy.

Avengers: Infinity War, IMAX opening, IMAX cameras, giant-screen, digital projection, commercial projection,

Avengers: Infinity War Was Shot Entirely On IMAX Cameras: And It Paid Off Considerably

IMAX announces a record-setting opening weekend for Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War – the first Hollywood film to be shot entirely on IMAX cameras.