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An AV Guy's Guide to Talking IT
By no means a thorough resource, more of cheat-sheet, this quick glossary of IT terms will at least help AV integrators demonstrate some basic network knowledge when speaking to their clients' CIOs and IT directors.

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5 Strategies for Selling and Renewing Service Plans
When it comes to selling network-maintenance service, many firms can't close the deal... or...
Are Tech-Trained Millennials the Right Hire for AV Integrators?
The AV industry could be in the midst of an identity crisis. Consider opening...
Top 40 CI Influencers Under 40
There was no shortage of candidates for our look at some of the young...

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How Feasible is a Goal of 50% RMR?
IHS Research touts a goal of 50 percent recurring monthly revenue (RMR) for security integration companies in the next year. But is it possible?

Are You Digging a Deeper Hole Instead of Digging Out?
If your business is suffering, it might be time to think differently because there are no bailouts in our industry.

Why Retention is Critical in Talent Management
CI Summit panel spoke eloquently about finding qualified employees ... not so much about how to keep keep top talent.

Challenge to Integrators: Find Your Telemachus
You might not know that in Homer's Odyssey, Mentor is Telemachus' teacher. But if you know a lot about the AV integration industry, you should mentor somebody.

Bridging Generational Gaps at CI Summit 2014
AV Nation’s “live from CI Summit” podcast delves into 4K, net neutrality, generational leadership and other conference topics.

19 Tips for Stable & Secure IP Video Surveillance
Here are more than a few dos and don’ts that security integrators should consider when installing IP video surveillance cameras.

Overheard at CI Summit: Wireless Video, Net Neutrality & More
AV professionals got together to talk market trends, technology, and business practices at last week's CI Summit in Orlando, Fl.

I’m Sure Gonna Miss You, George Feldstein
Recounting fond memories of the smart, goofy and lovable Crestron founder, George Feldstein.

George Feldstein: In a World of Pure Imagination
Passionate inventor and visionary George Feldstein passes away 45 years after launching commercial- and home-automation leader Crestron Electronics.

My Response to the AV Industry: Wake Up!
David Danto wants to clarify a few things about speaking AV, IT, and the future of the industry.

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