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Crisis Averted: How 2 Firms Came Back from the Brink of Disaster
Two integrators share their tales of tumble and turnaround to help those who may face the same problems prepare for the worst. Business consulting firms also weigh in with tips on how to stay out of trouble.

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Do Young, Tech-Trained Professionals Want a Career in AV?
The answer is yes, but they might not know what jobs exist. NSCA is...
4 House of Worship Acoustic Myths Debunked
The acoustics inside a church can make the difference between a properly communicated message...
Are Tech-Trained Millennials the Right Hire for AV Integrators?
The AV industry could be in the midst of an identity crisis. Consider opening...

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How to Entice New Generation of Employees with Video Communication
Younger employees, especially millennials, prefer flexibility to a bigger paycheck. How can you take advantage of this shift in employee motivation?

Ideal Networks VDV II Cable Verifiers Identify Wiring Errors
Test your networks and ensure reliable connectivity with Ideal Networks' new line of VDV II cable verifiers.

Commercial Integrator Launches Online Job Board
Integrators can post open positions, quickly scan resumes and search for new positions in their field on the new Commercial Integrator job board website.

InfoComm Approves ISF Level II Training for CTS Credits
The Imaging Science Foundation's (ISF) Level II 4K: Emerging Display Tech & Modern Calibration program is now recognized by InfoComm and its CTS training curriculum.

Time for Integrators to Focus on Training, Retention
Economy and unemployment showing positive signs; now companies need to make sure it continues.

AVAD Kicks Off 2015 Vendopalooza Training Tour
AVAD's Vendopalooza dealer training tour features manufacturers such as Samsung, Niles, Sharp, Gefen, and JVC.

4 Ways to Connect to the Millennial Workforce
The millennial generation is about to become the majority of the workforce. How do you keep millennial employees happy, productive and engaged?

Piton Rack Handle Helps to Secure Rack-Mounted Gear
Piton's Rack Handle utilizes a practical, ergonomic design that helps dealers move heavy electronic components.

17 Employee Management Dos & Don’ts for Integrators
Integrators offer solid advice for positive and effective management.

9 Factors to Surviving Corporate Adolescence
Keep track of these nine things to make it through the intermediate stage of your company's growth and maturity.

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Lenny Kravitz is Shure to Rock the Big Game this Weekend

Armed with an array of Gibson Les Pauls and Flying Vs, Lenny Kravitz is trusting the sound of his iconic guitars to Shure's new Axient Wireless Management Network for the Super Bowl XLIX halftime show.

How to Entice New Generation of Employees with Video Communication
How Margin, Labor Rate Mistakes Will Put Companies Out of Business
Virtue of the Ugly: When AV Mirrors Rock n’ Roll
Time for Integrators to Focus on Training, Retention
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superb blog and also very helpful.
if you are interested, to increase your knowledge about Business…

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'Brush with Business Doom: How 2 Firms Came Back from the Brink of Disaster'.

You are correct! The distinction is that this is the 37th consecutive year that films using Dolby audio technologies…

Posted by Chelsea Cafiero on 2015 01 22 · commented on
'Academy Awards to be Drenched in Dolby Atmos Sound'.

    “Dolby Atmos debuted in June 2012 in the Oscar-winning animated film Brave.”

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'Academy Awards to be Drenched in Dolby Atmos Sound'.

This is great for Cambridge. Though LogiSon has had this ability for a number of years with their networked…

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'Cambridge Sound Management Enables Sound Masking Across Multiple Locations'.