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Increased Security Costs Boston Marathon its Innocence
Boston Strong sentiment will be out in full force this year, but so will police, surveillance cameras, and other new security measures.
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Luxury Apartment Lobby Features 15-Screen Digital Signage System
Integrator TVTi works with custom animation firm to create mind-blowing digital signage solution using 4K video for high-rise Chicago apartment complex lobby.
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Jaguars Lure Fans with Massive Scoreboard Renovations
The lowly Jacksonville Jaguars will become the latest team to hold a 'world's largest display' moniker when two 21,700-square-feet Daktronics boards, as well as other LED displays, cover EverBank Field next season.
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Advanced Helps SportsCentre Modernize
Installation at the Canadian SportsCentre studio creates three presentation areas with nearly seamless video walls.
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2014 Integration Awards Looking for Stand-Out Commercial Installations
The awards, presented by Commercial Integrator and Tech Decisions, recognize top commercial integrators who successfully addressed their customers’ needs with noteworthy installations. Early bird entry date April 11, 2014.
Projection Primer: Warping, Blending and Profiting
Creating precisely mapped and spectacular projection solutions for clients isn’t as difficult as you might think. This free webinar puts integrators on a track toward profitable projection

Projection Primer:  Warping, Blending and Profiting
Event Date: September 12, 2012
Start Time:
Moderator: Tom LeBlanc, Editor, Commercial Integrator
Presenter: Ken Eagle, Education and Training Manager, Digital Projection

The bar has been raised, integrators.

If your clients demand video solutions that will force their customers to stop in their tracks, drop their jaws and pay attention, you’re going to have to do something spectacular. Otherwise, your display will be lost amid myriad other digital displays now peppering the commercial landscape.

For many integrators, warping and blending projection applications can provide solutions that sufficiently stand out. In this free Commercial Integrator webinar, Digital Projection education and training manager Ken Eagle offers tips to help integrators begin profiting in this exciting integration category.

If you’re not familiar with warping and blending, think planetariums, Broadway theatrical productions and immersive military training displays — any application in which a projection goes beyond conventional shape and size conventions.

Edge blending allows integrator to smoothly merge two projected video edges together without producing a visible seam. Warping is the process of digitally manipulating image data so that the image’s projection precisely matches a specific projection surface or shape.

Sounds complicated, but Eagle breaks it down in a way that will get integrators on fast track toward bringing these marketable solutions to clients.

As valuable as the tips and takeaways from this webinar are to integrators, the best part of this free Commercial Integrator webinar will be the project photos that will be shared. Register to join us and prepare to be dazzled.

By viewing this webcast you agree and acknowledge that your CI registration information may be passed to our third-party sponsor who may elect to communicate directly with you about their products and services.
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4K: There’s More Than Meets The Eye!

Join Kramer Electronics on April 16, 2014 for this free informative webinar which will discuss all of the reasons why UHDTV is a substantial upgrade from 2K. Register now!

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