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5 Steps to Cheaper, Simpler Huddle Spaces
Huddle rooms don’t have to be expensive and complicated. Let your customers collaborate, present, communicate, control and automate on a budget.
State of the Industry Report
It’s a tale of two markets. Over 80% say the business climate is favorable for integration firms, but positive numbers belie daunting industry challenges that are overwhelming many firms.
An Integrator or Audiophile’s Guide to Networked Audio
Digital audio and the emergence of standards like AVB and AES67 are changing the fast-moving audio networking game. It’s time to play catch-up.
CI Premium: Generating Revenue Through Digital Signage
Sports venues provide nice examples of how AV is helping to transform every inch of them into revenue machines.
LED Light Fixtures: No Electrician Required
With intelligent LED lighting from Lumastream, low-voltage integrators should revisit selling lighting at part of a comprehensive technology solution.
CI Premium: How To Properly Plan for Business Succession
There’s not always a child to become the next leader of your company. How you pass the baton — and to whom it’s passed — can determine the success of the business for generations.
CI Premium: 6 Reasons To Be Optimistic in 2015
Rising employment, a healthier housing market, and a willingness by larger corporations to invest in infrastructure should add some needed oomph to the business environment in 2015.
The Ultimate Guide to As-a-Service
How to transition your business to an as-a-service model, and why it's beneficial to do so.
Exploring Solutions for Mass Notification and Emergency Communications from Lencore
The MNEC market is complex with a myriad of systems, solutions and companies. Lencore takes an approach to simplify the selection, installation and service process- ultimately developing a solution that is right for you and your clients.
Making the Most of Your Switcher Investment
It's best for system designers to consider clients' precise presentation needs before choosing a switcher solution, according to Atlona.
Selecting Presentation Switchers
Matrix switcher solutions for commercial applications.
Jumping on the ‘Light Broadcasting’ Bandwagon
With countless applications across all markets, integration firms ought to be reacting to demand for video production and distribution.

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Thanks for your comment, Kaleo. InfoComm itself is not criticizing its members for not making the $2,000 commitment.…

Posted by D. Craig MacCormack on 2015 03 23 · commented on
'Kudos to InfoComm, Shame on Its Members'.

I agree with Max.  I would rather hire someone who wants to be in our awesome industry.  I don’t…

Posted by Kaleo Lee on 2015 03 23 · commented on
'Kudos to InfoComm, Shame on Its Members'.

Thanks for your comment, Max. The headline is supposed to convey that I think it’s a good thing InfoComm…

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'Kudos to InfoComm, Shame on Its Members'.

The title of this article is misleading.  Infocomm IS its members.  You can’t say shame on…

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'Kudos to InfoComm, Shame on Its Members'.