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Malvern, Pa.

Cenero has a good thing going. Not only does it have a thriving managed services business but it’s finding that managed services is driving its installation business and its installation business is driving its managed services business.

“It’s a symbiotic relationship,” according to Cenero’s Chris Henry, with each “pulling the other up the revenue ladder.” Heestimates that last year 60 percent of Cenero’s business came from outside its traditional geographic areas. “That’s because our managed services allow us to support systems throughout the world.”

Those managed services solutions employ a three-pronged approach:

Constant Connect: This is kind of like OnStar but for audio-visual and conferencing solutions, Henry says. It includes proactive testing of systems that allow the firm to continually monitor and anticipate issues.

24/7 Reactive Services: This is essentially a help desk offering staffed by engineers reachable by phone or messaging. It also includes a suite of monitoring services. Henry calls it a “traditional managed services offering.”

Analytics: Cenero collects functional information on its clients’ audio-visual systems and provides it to them so they can make decisions. Information about system and room usage might help them learn how they ought to invest in future space and systems. Other information might clue them in on inefficiencies within their organization.

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10 Fast-Growing Integration Firms: What AV Pros Can Learn from Them