2017 Quest for Quality Awards Recognize Dedication to Channel, slide 18

Trade Show Presence (Dealer)
Winner: Stampede


“Nobody does more in-field face-to-face marketing than Stampede. Starting with its ongoing commitment to exhibit in a major way at every major systems integration and enduser vertical market trade show, Stampede produces and implements the world’s largest traveling local market exhibition, training, and networking event through its Stampede Big Book of AV Tour & Conference Series, which, for the first time in 2017, expanded beyond North America to England, Scotland, and Ireland. At InfoComm this year we launched the new Stampede Live & Local Program that will host hundreds of reseller events annually. In fact, Stampede’s demonstrated ability to integrate global industry-wide trade show events with customized local trade show events grows stronger every year.” —Kevin Kelly, president & COO, Stampede

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2017 Quest for Quality Awards Recognize Dedication to Channel