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Mersive Active Learning System¬†— Mersive Technologies

Active learning is a proven educational methodology that improves student engagement, facilitates greater knowledge transfer, and increases long-term student retention. Unfortunately, the cost to create an active learning environment is often prohibitive.

Mersive Solstice Active Learning leverages our award-winning wireless presentation system, Mersive Solstice, to deliver a software-enabled, flexible, and affordable active learning solution. Solstice is a well-established collaboration platform that enhances student engagement through unlimited wireless sharing from any device in the classroom. Solstice paired with our active learning solution brings the benefits of active learning to educational institutions everywhere.

In sharp contrast to traditional active learning solutions, which require custom hardware and specialized programming that result in high costs, long deployment times, and poor usability, Mersive Solstice Active Learning features software-enabled video switching that provides educators a flexible solution for designing and using multi-screen environments for active learning. The application communicates directly with Solstice Pods over the existing network and requires no additional hardware beyond the Pods for each display (the primary display and each team display) and a single gigabit network switch. Once the Pods have been connected to their displays and deployed on the network, users only need to download an app to use our active learning solution.

Rather than contend with long buildouts, administrators can configure a new active learning space in minutes using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Once a space is enabled, teachers use a tablet or PC during lectures to easily route video to team tables on demand. This affordable approach allows schools to transform a large number of classrooms into active learning spaces, along with the flexibility to reconfigure existing rooms without design-build costs. Mersive Solstice Active Learning is also an effective, affordable solution for corporate training rooms.

With this solution, active learning will finally be available to any institution that wants it, improving outcomes for students and faculty everywhere. Since Mersive Solstice Active Learning is made available through subscription, it represents a significant recurring revenue stream for Mersive.

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Commercial Technology the NSCA is Celebrating this Year: 2020 EPI Awards