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The Broadway London 8 room kit delivers a complete recording studio in a box. It’s designed for rooms under 100 square feet, or can be combined with other products to treat larger spaces. Ideally suited for home theaters and studios, the easy-to-use kits are an affordable way to start with acoustic treatment, according to Primacoustic.

The London 8 contains select Broadway panels that tackle problems affecting any room, such as primary reflections, flutter echo, and standing waves. In addition to acoustic panels, each London 8 room kit includes the corresponding mounting hardware and instructions for easy installation.

Broadway panels are made from high-density 6lb-per-cubic-foot fiberglass, offering nearly five times greater absorption than typical low-cost foam alternatives, says Primacoustic. So you get more absorption with fewer panels, while assuring an even absorption curve throughout the frequency range. The London 8 room kit is available in three fabric colors and includes 12 panels.

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Sound Advice on Upselling Acoustical Treatments