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Sound Advice on Upselling Acoustical Treatments, slide 2

The Spectra i.Net sound masking system includes digital signal processors, electronic noise generators, amplifiers, wiring, loudspeakers, controls and components to generate, amplify, distribute and reproduce digitally synthesized and stabilized background sound masking to create speech privacy.

Lencore says the system’s Music Page Interface replaces all the bulky head-end equipment that is typically associated with music paging systems, and provides end-users with the ability to program 100 zones and up to 1.5 million square feet. The sound masking system is capable of separately and independently configuring zones for sound masking, paging and music via the network empowered by through its central control.

Lencore says the Spectra i.Net system uses a multi-drop network capable of being tuned through a network, LAN or wireless handheld remote. The system is designed so that individual speaker or component failure will have no impact on the balance of the system, according to Lencore. The masking volume is adjustable via digital means for 1/2 dB steps for a range of 36-84 dBA as measured 1m from the center of the speaker. The sound masking, paging and music has individual identifiers located on an integrated LCD screen.

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Sound Advice on Upselling Acoustical Treatments