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Sound Advice on Upselling Acoustical Treatments, slide 7

Coat of Silence is an easy-to-use, spray-on, sound-deadening wall paint. It corrals mid-range sounds and greatly reduces common noise. Acoustical Surfaces says test lab results have shown that sound reduction for Coat of Silence is an industry high in its product class. According to the company, Coat of Silence uses a two-step base coat and finish coat system that can be sprayed onto a pre-built surface or new construction.

It is cost effective, mold resistant, class-A fi re retardant, and requires only one person for application, which greatly reduces integration labor costs. Acoustical Surfaces says sound-deadening paint applications include hospitals, hotels, schools, condos, apartments, home media rooms, offices, retail centers, construction and more. The company recommends that only integrators with commercial airless spray application experience, or painting and coatings professionals, attempt to apply this product.

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Sound Advice on Upselling Acoustical Treatments