CI 40 Under 40: Class of 2017, slide 13

Adam Fosbenner, 24, Lewis Paulino, 34, and Paul Reigner, 27

Installation Technician, Programmer and Control Room Sales Associate, Vistacom


Adam is focused on solving issues as they arise during a factory acceptance test or a site installation. He has a way of making high-tech gear play nicely with each other regardless of manufacturer. He has helped many Vistacom customers understand the technology they have purchased through system training and working side-by-side with their IT departments.

Lewis’ vision and creative talents enable him to develop software solutions that anticipate and exceed client expectations. He is recognized by his team members as an integral contributor to Vistacom’s continued growth and success and is praised for never-ending work ethic.

Paul’s passion for the control room market has led him to learn as much as he can about not just the technologies and applications, but also his clients’ workflows and concepts of operation. He has become a trusted adviser and a true expert in helping his clients navigate the potentially rough technology waters.

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CI 40 Under 40: Class of 2017