CI 40 Under 40: Class of 2017, slide 26

Stephan Kolpinski, 40, Matt Ross, 40, and Alexis Zois, 36

Director of Sales, Director of Operations and Director of Purchasing, Adtech Systems


Stephan has been a big reason revenue in Adtech’s Connecticut office has grown from $750,000 to $7.5 million in less than five years. His leadership and effective communication helps to strengthen the entire team.

Matt led the move into the new Connecticut facility under budget and on time, while also making sure projects were completed during the upheaval. He was the point person for Adtech’s ERP implementation and incorporated its apprenticeship training program.

Alexis is a key contributor and member of Adtech’s executive team. In 2016, she played a major role in the company’s successful ERP implementation. She integrated all the vendor and purchasing information into the new system without complications. She is now using the information to train and coach Adtech staff how to improve business outcomes.

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