CI 40 Under 40: Class of 2017, slide 7

Derek Burns, 38, and Kyleen Donahue, 36

Chief Marketing Officer and Digital Signage Consultant, Tierney Brothers

@DerekSBurns and @kyleendonahue

Derek was the driving force behind the Tierney Company re-branding and the creation and execution of the Tierney Tech Tour, the first of its kind in the K-12 sector. He’s a marketing executive who can clearly define ROI and understand if certain marketing events are worth the expense and effort.

Kyleen has doubled the size of Tierney’s tech service team since joining the company eight years ago. She started Tierney’s enterprise professional development team, which has the goal of ensuring the adoption of Tierney’s core products in the workplace,including SMART, Crestron and SPAN. She was also instrumental in the creation of Tierney Digital.

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CI 40 Under 40: Class of 2017