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Leyard — WallSync

Leading up to Infocomm 2018, Leyard and Planar announced Leyard WallSync, essentially a set of technologies integrated into the Clarity Matrix G3 Video Wall system that addresses a range of common video synchronization needs. It addresses challenges in applications ranging from simple digital signage to sophisticated broadcast implementations, according to the company.

It incorporates a Smart Genlock feature that automatically ensures perfectly synchronized video playback, even in dynamic environments—and that can be synchronized to both connected video sources and external “house syncs,” according to VP of product management Steve Seminario. “With Leyard WallSync, video tearing and synchronization challenges are a thing of the past. And while Leyard WallSync is fully configurable for more sophisticated uses, for the majority of customers, the default configuration will just work—delivering perfect video playback across the entire video wall every time.”

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