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Cory Sarzotti, designer, Synergy Media

The Imitation Game


“Aside from inspiring me to study comp sci and teaching computers to ‘think,’ it reminded me that just because something seams impossible and people fight you and think you are crazy doesn’t mean you are wrong and doesn’t mean stop. Then, once you are right, once it works, sometimes the smartest thing you can do is not tell everyone – quietly use it on your own and let your competition (your enemy) think they are winning – making calculated moves and choosing your battles.”

“In AV, this carries through as computer technology pervades more and more and we need novel – almost crazy – ideas to stay current and make advancements.  Yet if you release your idea too quickly, the competition (and teenagers with laptops) can scoop it up and carry it farther than you have thought of (yet), and then change the game again. ”

“Keep testing and keep trying and don’t give up – just because its not working doesn’t mean you’re wrong – it just means you haven’t gotten there yet.  Trust you own genius.”

“Also: we need more women in this industry. Like the computers and math and ‘high power’ work depicted in the film, there can be impressions that this is a man’s game, and they can be social and not actually coming from our industry. In the movie it was Joan’s parents that fought her desire to work on the project, while Turing himself wanted to hire her.  I have never met an AV manager who ‘didn’t want to hire a woman,’ but yet I see very few women as techs, programmers and designers – at least in AV (IT and comp sci is moving quicker in this respect).  Some proactive marketing could help – I think we need to see a lot more gender diversity in the engineering and tech roles.”

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