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LightWerks co-owner David Riberi

“I don’t know the whole movie, but I’ve used this scene from Any Given Sunday at an annual meeting.

“And of course Kurt Russell as Herb Brooks in Miracle is another classic:

“And this is probably my all-time favorite speech, from one of the greatest epics ever German general to men after surrendering in Band of Brothers:

“The first two are just great, classic motivational speeches when an effort calls for ‘greatness’ in an endeavor (game, project, etc.). The third is more about camaraderie, and I love that it’s from the “other guys’” perspective. We don’t hate our competitors. We respect them because they are just like us. They’re the same people, just wearing a different uniform.

“All three of these movies have a lot of heart, inject the personal into the situation and I believe epitomize the essence of leadership: to serve the team.”

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