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Tom LeBlanc, CI editor-in-chief
The Godfather and The Godfather: Part 2

“It could not be more obvious that Michael Corleone is an extremely flawed character. However, from the idealistic young man at the beginning of ‘The Godfather’ to the insecure, revenge-obsessed character he evolved into by ‘The Godfather: Part 2,’ Michael demonstrates one characteristic that is very transferable to the integration market: he’s a good listener. He’s very selective, almost reluctant when it comes to speaking. Instead, he listens intensely as members of his family or his enemies (not mutually exclusive) speak. He understands what they need and what steps he can provide that will put him in an optimal position.

“Granted, Michael Corleone is often listening intently with nefarious intent. Sales professionals in the integration market, however, can benefit from being as committed to listening to their customers describe their workplace challenges and goals for how the system they’re investing in will be used to solve them. Truly understanding not just what a customer is saying but what they mean when they say it is vital to delivering the right solution.”

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12 Classic Movies with a Message for Your Business