AV Industry Reunites Again at InfoComm 2021, slide 10

Absen’s Virtual Studio Draws Attention

Attendees could not miss the Absen booth right up front at the show, especially with its $700,000 virtual studio drawing all the attention. Shown for the first time at InfoComm, the virtual studio consists of the PL 2.5 Polaris series wall (valued at $340,000 or $8,796 per square meter) combined with the MR 4.8 floor (valued at $360,000, or $8,396 per square meter). The floor, according to Fred Cain, industry development director, is so strong a car can drive on it. It was two years in development. The company also showed its 138-inch Absen Icon all in one display and its Clear Cobalt Series Micro LED display.  

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AV Industry Reunites Again at InfoComm 2021