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Rising Stars in the AV Industry: The 2018 CI 40 Influencers Under 40, slide 21

Josh Keller, 35, Tim Ronzio, 32, and Tobi Tungl, 35

Design Consultant and Director of Live Events, Conference Technologies, Inc.

@CTIAV and @tobitungl

Josh has spent more of his life in the AV industry. Almost 18 years ago, he began his career in mobile audio and has since progressed through the installation world, project management and programming before taking the leap into the consulting world.Having a well-rounded background has helped him become a top performer.

Tim started his career with CTI 10 years ago as an event technician. He moved to project management and was promoted to director of live events for St. Louis five years ago. Responsible for a 14-person team that produced more than 300 events in 2017, he also personally produced 50 major corporate events last year. He was named a CTI Employee of the Year in 2013 and has grown his division year-over-year since taking on the director role.

Tobi has a deep-rooted passion for education, technology and supporting the growth of people in the AV industry. He’s the chairman for new AVIXA Mentorship Council, a member of AVIXA Young AV Council and an NSCA IGNITE ambassador.

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Rising Stars in the AV Industry: The 2018 CI 40 Influencers Under 40