The Grand Budapest Hotel

You might not, at first, withdraw much in the way of professional aptitude from Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel – you’ll be too busy laughing at the antics of concierge Gustave as he passionately (yet harshly) guides Zero, a junior lobby boy, through the crazed operations of a venerated European hotel in the 1930s. But don’t spend all of your film-watching time giggling and admiring the rich cinematography (though I could hardly blame you for doing so). Integrators, and any business people for that matter, will learn a lesson in loyalty upon viewing the film.

The AV business takeaway: Gustave puts loyalty above all — granted, some of that loyalty is self-centered. But ultimately, he’s a remarkably passionate character, always pushing for excellence. His sidekick, the newbie Zero, balances that which is too extreme in Gustave’s personality and rights the ship in the most respectful manner possible.

Passion and loyalty in the workplace are necessary traits for any business to thrive. You need to emanate these qualities but in a way which comes off as genuine and not too overbearing. — Adam Forziati

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