Am I really, truly recommending any adult in the AV industry watch this cornerstone of anime? BELIEVE IT!

Seriously, don’t mistake this as something just for kids (especially not it’s next-generation series, Naruto Shippuden!). It’s a compelling tale of a young ninja whose “Ninja Way” is to never give up. Ok, that part is a tad corny, but the characters are humorous, the action is actually extremely clever…and did I mention ninjas? Just remember to skip the filler, otherwise you’ll be watching until the next viral outbreak!

The AV business takeaway: Who among your team is the “Naruto:” the person who doesn’t give up in difficult situations? Or maybe the person who is so great with customers that they’ll willingly follow this person into any deal? Naruto is an excellent example of exemplary team-building and the power of personal positivity. — Adam Forziati

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