InfinityBoard Create-Collaborate-Communicate

Meeting rooms are evolving into multi-usage spaces. NEC’s InfinityBoard is designed to fit your meeting scenario, perfectly fulfilling your needs for a powerful and scalable workspace.


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Collaborate on a Budget

Marshall Furniture’s new ELCO™ Collaboration Tables provide users with a low-cost solution that is easily configurable around their specific meeting room needs.

What is Content-Rich Digital Signage?

Lillyan Wamaitha, the Marketing Manager at Mvix, provides a deep dive into what really is content-rich digital signage and why it matters

Why Two-Piece Projection Remains a Vital Visual Format

Even with the rise of LED displays, classic, two-piece projection arrangements remain a vital format for visual presentations. While they may appear simple from the outside, advances in technology have allowed traditional system arrangements to evolve with unmatchable benefits. Take a closer look at why two-piece projection will be around for years to come.

Simple but Mighty: Marshall Furniture’s ELCO™ RL Desks Tackle ADA and AV Storage with Style

The new ELCO™ RL Series Desks by Marshall Furniture may seem unassuming, but they pack a punch as an all-in-one design that targets many common customer concerns.

“I Can See Clearly Now…It’s Going To Be a Bright, Sunshiny Day”

Direct-View LED Displays for Large Venues

The Finishing Touch to All Your Installations is TecNec’s Specialty

Add Tremendous Value & Profitability with our Custom Cable & Panel Fabrication Services

AJA 12G-SDI Solutions for Integrators

Experience the speed and flexibility of AJA’s 12G-SDI tools, and seamlessly manage high resolution, high frame rate and deep color content over one cable. AJA’s 12G-SDI product family includes:

Barco ClickShare and Biamp Devio: The Perfect Conference Room Combo

We all have our favorite combos: summer nights and outdoor concerts, hotdogs and baseball, bourbon and bacon…

Dante Domain Manager Integrates IT Into the AV Industry to Network and Secure Audio Systems

Dante Domain Manager provides the complete network management software for Dante systems using role-based security, user authentication and audit capabilities