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AV technicians, AV hiring

Ask These Questions When Interviewing AV Technicians

Finding AV technicians who will also be great at interacting with customers can be tricky. Here are some AV hiring interview questions you should ask.

meeting room technology, future

Step Into the Meeting Room of the Future

Future meeting room technology will utilize tools that are on the rise right now — so “future” might not mean 20 years, but only a couple.

control system design, control interface

3 Reasons to Put Just ONE Interface in Your Control System Design

To differentiate your AV business & increase potential RMR & customer stickiness, start by streamlining your control system design to one control interface.

analytic business meeting flat design on top illustration

Take Ownership of Customers’ Technology Adoption and ROI

By identifying the right tech decision makers and asking the right questions, integrators can improve customers’ technology adoption and return on investment (ROI).

Vintage tv concept

The History of Pro AV: Part 1

Times have changed since George Feldstein first designed button panel remotes. Still, future success in AV integration requires grasp of the history of pro AV.

AV RFP, audio visual RFP, design-build, design-bid

How To Win an Audio Visual RFP, and Why Texadia Prefers Design-Build Over Design-Bid

Responding to an audio visual RFP is tricky, but here’s why Texadia thinks design-build triumphs over design-bid and why that matters to your value prop.

project scoring, AV projects, AV integration

Finally, A Tried-and-Tested Guide to Selecting Better AV Integration Projects for Your Firm

The ‘Scorecard Approach’ to project scoring AV projects came from Felix Media Solutions efforts to improve their AV integration business.

nationwide service provider, AV service providers

5 Important Factors When Choosing a Nationwide Service Provider

Scaling your AV business with the AV service providers involves weighing key questions to properly determine needs, set expectations and vet candidates.

control platform, systems integration businesses, control system design

The Best Way to Increase Revenue from Control System Design

The real value for systems integration businesses specializing in control platform projects involves adding more services to one control system design.