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6 Benefits of Using Dante for Conference Microphones

Dante provides a networked audio transport for wired microphones and control, bringing many benefits such as improved system performance, reduction in cabling and more to installations of all sizes.

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Future-Proof Technology: Caught Between Confidence and a Credibility Issue

Can hyperbolic claims such as future-proof technology solutions damage our brands? Human Circuit’s Bruce Kaufmann thinks so … and makes his point quite snarkily!

Loyal Customers

Want Loyal Customers and Reliable Employees? Get Personal

The concept of fostering personal relationships and trust is key to earning loyal customers and building a successful, reliable team.

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Hiring Challenges: Stop Blaming Competitors for Poaching Employees, It’s Not the Problem

Integration industry’s incestuous recruiting practices are symptomatic of bigger challenges, including short-sighted business strategies.

Your New Year’s Resolution: Don’t Make These 3 Common AV Mistakes

Sometimes companies insist on doing things that will almost certainly FAIL. Want to take the ‘almost’ out and make failure a certainty? Herman’s Chris Bianchet shares 3 ways to make that happen.

3 Secrets to Building Lifelong Customers

Organizations must be customer-centered, make services their first sale, and focus on customer retention in order to keep AV customers coming back to their business.

4 Secrets to Help You Get the Most Out of AV Labor Subcontractors

Integrators need to work closely with subcontractors and understand their capabilities in order to realize a new level of success in working together.

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4 Factors to Consider When Creating a Recurring Revenue Model

Transitioning to a recurring revenue model may not be an overnight move for integrators, however there are a number of services that can be built and delivered in short order to help move integrators toward generating greater amounts of recurring revenue while offering greater value to customers.

AV Labor: Are You Charging Enough for Your Most Limited Resource?

With the scarcity and critical nature of labor for systems installations, integrators need to start charging accordingly for AV labor resources.

How to Save Money and Improve Project Delivery with Outsourcing

Integrators are torn when it comes to outsourcing labor. Here are two scenarios when outsourcing makes sense, and the data to prove it.