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decision tree analysis

The AV MBA: How Decision Tree Analysis Benefits Your AV Business

A decision tree analysis maps possible outcomes based on assumed payoffs, costs, and probabilities with the objective of predicting the optimal decision.

Insights from NSCA Business & Leadership Conference

CI understands that not everyone is able to attend the event, but everyone can benefit greatly from the leadership information covered. That is why we created this whitepaper to bring the information to as many business leaders as possible.

AV business

Service Desk: Creating a Culture of Learning Instead of an Education Policy

Top talent is looking for organizations that will help them learn and grow, so integrators need to evolve their education policies.

AV integration firms business planning

A Letter from an Integrator Who Has a Plan for Emergencies Like COVID

AV integration firms need to have plans in place for disasters which wreak havoc on the economy. Here are some encouraging words from one that does.

Kramer ISE 2020

Kramer Debuts Omnivore KM-2B Microphone at ISE 2020

Kramer’s Omnivore KM-2B Microphone, which made its debut at ISE 2020, is designed for use in meeting and conferencing spaces.

visualizing data

Service Desk: The Ins and Outs of Visualizing Data

Where are the opportunities for MSPs to provide data visualization services to clients, and what is the revenue structure like there?

AV mba

The AV MBA: What Great Thinkers Tell Us & How to Apply it to Your AV Business

This is the first of our AV MBA series of articles, which hopes to learn from some of the most accomplished people and apply those lessons to AV businesses.

experiential design

A Guide for AV Integrators on Coexisting with Architects through Experiential Design

How can these two integral designers work together to create one beautifully cohesive installation? Through experiential design.

AV technology on IT networks

The Service Desk: How to Manage AV Technology on IT Networks

AV technology on IT networks present opportunities to better your business… but it also presents security risks. Here’s how to mitigate those.

5G Network Security, supply chain attack vectors

4G and 5G Network Security Vulns DO Affect Pro AV: Here’s How

Supply chain attack vectors & 5G network security will soon have large corporations & universities demand more info about supply chains of AV manufacturers.