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house of worship installations AV over IP video

The Case for Video in House of Worship Installations

AV over IP alters cost, complexity and labor requirements. The result: video is now a much more practical consideration for house of worship installations.

InfoComm 2019 trends tech

InfoComm 2019 Trends to Follow Closely on the Floor

InfoComm 2019 emerging trends include analytics, AI, cloud, and 5G. But how will these technologies actually change the industry this year?

AV Integrator

Four Fears That Keep an AV Integrator Up at Night (and What to Do About Them)

These are the things that keep many AV integrator business leaders up at night. But, don’t fret, sweet sleep is in sight if you follow this advice.

access control AI integrators

Are You Ready for the Access Control AI Revolution? Because It’s Coming

Risk-adaptive access systems fueled by artificial intelligence can monitor key data points, activity & risk. Consider access control AI now, not later.

Lewis Sound and Video Professionals

Lewis Sound and Video Is Keeping It in the Family

A change of leadership at Lewis Sound and Video Professionals is set, but not for many years yet. Here’s how the company is keeping it in the family.

USB Killer

Attack of the USB Killers: Coming to Your Clients’ Classrooms

What are USB Killers, and what does their existence say about the security behind your classroom/higher ed tech installations?

integration firm site, audio visual marketing plan

8 Mistakes Integrators Make When Designing Their Websites

Every integration firm knows a key part of an audio visual marketing plan is the website, but many have sites that still look like the year 2002…

AV business, AV company, audio visual business sale

Someone Wants to Buy Your Audio Visual Business: Now What?!

You’ve received an unsolicited offer to buy your audio visual business. What do you do now that your AV business might be for sale?


Mass Notification: Intelligibility is NOT Optional

NFPA 72 national fire alarm and signaling code lays out guidelines property owners must achieve with voice evacuation and mass notification systems.

workplace technology, pervasive adoption

9 Tips to Help Clients Find ‘Pervasive Adoption’ of Their New Workplace Technology

No workplace technology is good enough to work without the employees being on board. Here are some tips for your clients to to get everyone primed for it.