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AV service contracts, AV contractors

This Illusory Clause in Most AV Contracts Is Completely Unenforceable

AV contractors should take note of discrepancies between equipment lists and the narrative listed in AV service contracts.


Shrinking AV Product Sales Margins? Not If You Follow These Tips

Integrators shouldn’t throw in the towel when it comes to AV product sales margins, but instead turn it into an opportunity to stand out from competition.

diversity in Pro AV industry

The Lack of Diversity in Pro AV Causes This CEO So Much Disrespect

For all those who doubt the necessity of more diversity in pro AV: just listen to how this CEO is disrespected as a black woman in a male-dominated space.

AV integrator, pro AV profitability

2 Ways to Make More Money as an AV Integrator

Pro AV profitability isn’t as easy anymore. AV integrators need to sell service contracts and do more to differentiate themselves from larger competitors.

beta site, av products

Are AV Manufacturers Taking Advantage of Your Trust? Avoiding the Dreaded ‘Beta Site’

Have you ever been the victim of AV products not performing as they should on the job? Learn how to stop your project from becoming a beta site.

cyber risk management framework approach

5 Steps to Better Cyber Risk Management

Cyber risk management isn’t a business accessory — now more than ever, your firm needs a comprehensive cyber risk management approach. Here’s how to do it.

collaboration business, collaboration challenges

3 Collaboration Challenges That Technology Can’t Solve (But Your Tech Business Can)

Your collaboration business could stand a lesson in these three colloboration challenges that simply cannot be solved by technology alone.

AV business mistakes

You Might Go Broke if You Keep Making These AV Business Mistakes in 2019

I see these AV business mistakes being quite dangerous to companies in 2019. So what is your excuse for not trying to solve them?

write for CI, write for us, proper documentation, AV business

Write for Us: Why You Should Write for CI in 2019

Some of the most insightful columns on CI are written by AV integration professionals just like you. Make it your New Year’s Resolution to write for us in 2019.

pro AV certifications

AV Certifications: Finding the Right Ones at the Right Time

If you are certified in one area, look to the next progression up the pro AV certifications ladder, because we should never stop developing our skills.