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Extron Shipping Industry’s First 4K/60 @ 4:4:4 HDMI Scalers

DSC HD-HD 4K Plus series include on-screen display, stereo audio embedding and ability to display custom on-screen images and logos.

Extron’s New Ceiling Speakers Boast Low Profile, Composite Back Can

Extron SoundField XD Series SF 3C LP and SF 3CT LP full-range ceiling speakers feature a low profile composite back can for use in plenum rated ceiling environments.

Encompass AV Crafts Impressive Sound for Tangled Roots Brewing Company

The Elk Grove Village, Ill.-based integration firm recently deployed CDD and a range of other Martin Audio speakers at Tangled Roots, saving the brewing company time and money while also providing customers with smooth, balanced audio.

CI Insight: Manufacturers Are Diversifying Their Product Offerings, But Why?

CI editors discuss why manufacturers such as Media Vision and ClearOne have made the decision to offer products that are not typical to what they have offered in the past.

Dante 3.10 Includes Wi-Fi Support, Advanced Filters, Device Lock

Audinate’s Dante Controller update adds user-friendly features to the free software for configuring and managing Dante audio networks.

Here’s Why Media Vision Launched Assistive Listening and Streaming Solutions

Now offering unique assistive listening and video streaming solutions, the conferencing company has supplemented its current product offerings and answered its clients’ demands for assistive listening and streaming solutions.

Doing the Little Things Right Equal Big Success for Electrosonic

Electronic wins the 2016 Integration Award in the museum category for its work at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

Meyer Sound & Spectrum AV Shine Light on Students’ Talent

Meyer Sound and Spectrum Audio Visual win the 2016 Integration Award in the K-12 education category for the Meyer Sound Constellation acoustic system installation at the Singapore American School.

Whitlock Multiplies HQ Collaboration with Tech Refresh

Whitlock wins the 2016 Integration Award in the corporate category for its audio and video collaboration installation at CDK Global headquarters.

Reviews Are In: Madame Tussaud’s Ghostbusters Exhibit Is as Virtually Real as it Gets

Madame Tussaud’s partnered with OpenEye Global, Sony and various other third-party companies to bring the Ghostbusters cinematic experience to its New York location, offering guests an immersive and interactive ghostbusting experience that can’t be found anywhere else.

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