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Hands On: Inside a Listen Technologies Church Solution

Integrator AMT Systems reviews a seamless and nearly invisible Listen Technologies church solution for congregants with difficulty hearing.

Gibson Brings Les Paul Guitar Finishes to its New Reference Monitors

Gibson’s Les Paul Reference Monitors will be available in a choice of colors and can be used for recording or listening to music.

Selecting Presentation Switchers

Matrix switcher solutions for commercial applications.

Crestron Amplifier Designed for Multiroom, Mid-Size Installs

Crestron is now shipping its latest audio amplifier, the six-zone, 12-input C2N-AMP-6X100.

Flashback Friday: Advanced AV Assists Ryan Seacrest Foundation

For this week’s edition of Flashback Friday, go inside the first broadcast center of its kind inside Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Seacrest opens the 8th studio today at Children’s Hospital in Boston.

Earthworks Expands FlexMic Series with 40kHz Models

Adding to its line of FlexMic products, Earthworks has announced that it is now shipping new 40kHz High Definition models.

Understanding Audibility Requirements for Emergency Communication

Learn where and when you may need to heed audibility requirements of fire alarm and emergency communications systems.

Auralex Expands GRAMMA Acoustic Isolation Platform Series

GRAMMA V2 acoustic isolation platforms from Auralex allow the true sound of a speaker and amplifier to show through without resonating artifacts.

Experience the 4th Dimension at Museum of Science 4D Theater

Go beyond 3D projection and into the immersive experience of 4D at the new Museum of Science 4D Theater in Boston.

101st Airborne Division Veteran Focused on Hiring Military Vet Integrators

Although Joshua Ellis’ integration company has only been around since early 2013, its focus on putting military veterans to work helps it stand out.

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