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Don’t Squander Your Manufacturer Partners’ Market Expertise

Lencore says it wants to share its extensive market research with dealers who, if they’re smart, can leverage the heck out of it.

Cambridge Sound Management Acquires Dynasound, Aims to Expand Services and Solutions

With its acquisition of Dynasound, Cambridge Sound Management will be well positioned to further expand customer and channel support services and launch a new generation of solutions.

Next Time You’re Tasked with Improving a Steeplechase Horse-Racing Museum’s Acoustics, Do This

National Steeplechase Museum turned to Primacoustic’s Paintables line of acoustic panels to solve its harsh acoustical challenges.

All Sound Masking is NOT Created Equal

A proper sound masking system must provide both privacy and comfort.

How to Create Really Cool, But Still Practical, Workspaces

Technology integrators need to use a little imagination and some forward thinking technology to create workspaces that allow for realtime collaboration.

Sound Masking Solution for Medical Offices

New sound masking solutions helps protect speech privacy in medical office waiting rooms and patient exam rooms.

IP Meets IoT: Choosing the Right Technology for the Future of Building Automation

As more building owners seek integrated systems that not only increase operating efficiencies but also provide safety measures, it’s up to integrators to deliver the interoperable, future-proof systems that will last.

Cambridge Sound Management Launches Healthcare Sound-Masking Tool

Qt Patient Privacy System uses direct-field sound masking technology to protect patient and staff speech privacy in medical office waiting areas, exam rooms and pharmacies.

Auralex Helps Control Unwanted Sound With SonoLite

Auralex now shipping SonoLite acoustical treatment room kits, SonoLite Cloud and Bass Trap Panels for residential and commercial spaces.

How to Keep Office Conversations Private with One Simple Tool

Keeping sensitive information secure goes past the network. Eavesdroppers can be as troublesome as hackers.

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