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From a Botched Holding to a No-Call, These Mics Made Shure You Heard Every Ref at Super Bowl 50

Referees were outfitted with Shure Axient wireless microphones which easily adjusted to changing conditions and common frequency interferences at Levi’s Stadium, home of Super Bowl 50.

Listen Technologies to Transition Distribution of Televic Conference Product Line to Aveo Systems

Listen Technologies to focus on innovative product development for assistive listening.

How to Create Really Cool, But Still Practical, Workspaces

Technology integrators need to use a little imagination and some forward thinking technology to create workspaces that allow for realtime collaboration.

Here’s Why Integrators Should Get Into the Furniture Business

AV integration firms and furniture dealers such as Red Thread and Intereum not only provide AV technology to customers, but also solve their space challenges.

ClearOne Mixes Ingredients to Deliver COLLABORATE Pro 900 Media Collaboration Solution

ClearOne’s new media collaboration solutions feature its new Beamforming Microphone Array integrated into its COLLABORATE Pro 900.

WyreStorm Helps Create The Ultimate Sports Bar

The sports bar experience enters a league of its own as WyreStorm teams up with Striders Turf Clublounge, San Diego, California.

Sound Masking Solution for Medical Offices

New sound masking solutions helps protect speech privacy in medical office waiting rooms and patient exam rooms.

3 Questions for Shure: Here’s What You Need to Know About the Spectrum Space Issue

Shure’s Stephen Kohler discusses the importance of audio in the industry and how goverment policies on spectrum space will affect AV integration projects.

SoundTube Makes Waves in Outdoor Audio with XT-Spyke Loudspeaker

SoundTube backs the XT-Spyke loudspeaker with an optional 120-watt transformer that incorporates a six-position tap switch with modes for 25.5-volt, 70.7-volt and 100-volt operation.

No Need to Bring a Mandolin Up a Mountain to Hear Irish Music at 946 Feet

Northern Ireland’s Ponderosa pub, which sits at 946-foot elevation, was recently renovated and infused with Niles audio and ELAN automation.

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