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Lone Star Communications Acquires Halco Life Safety Systems

Deal allows security and critical communications company to joins forces with Houston life safety leader in healthcare.

Gold Line’s ZM3 Impedance Meter Keeps Sound Systems Running at Peak Performance

New features include Automatic Range Setting, Increased Battery Life and Micro Processor Control.

Design Better Systems With This Signal Distribution Guide

This guide provides both familiar and new solutions, while addressing newer options within IP-based signal distribution and wireless technology.

All-in-One Mackie Reach PA System Delivers 250 Degrees of Coverage

The Reach features Bluetooth streaming capabilities, a full-featured six-channel mixer and control app options for both the Apple iOS and Android platforms.

Inside the Fight for Spectrum Space at Staples Center

Los Angeles Lakers, Clippers, Kings, Taylor Swift and more add up to 250+ events per year, crowded RF and shrinking spectrum.

Auralex Helps Control Unwanted Sound With SonoLite

Auralex now shipping SonoLite acoustical treatment room kits, SonoLite Cloud and Bass Trap Panels for residential and commercial spaces.

Galaxy Audio’s New Rackmount Media Player Has Radio Data System

RM-RDSTNR AM/FM Rackmount Tuner with RDS is aimed at commercial applications including clubs, restaurants and hotels.

Radial Engineering Now Shipping McBoost Signal Booster For Mics

Product built for low output dynamic and ribbon mics available for less than $200 each.

How to Go Crazy in Miami While Being Discreet

1 Hotel South Beach’s rooftop pool audio includes powerful Community speakers but doesn’t disturb community.

10 Ways AV Should/Can Own Collaboration

View the recording of this previously LIVE webcast to learn what many IT integrators already know: the collaboration space is ripe with opportunities. If you ignore it, you’re missing out.

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