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Haivision Video Streaming and SRT Protocol Used for NASA SpaceX Launch

Haivision video streaming technology helps NASA distribute live video across control rooms for low-latency and real-time monitoring.

Broadcast Streaming Bundle

HB Communications Launches Broadcast Streaming Bundles

HB broadcast streaming bundles allow corporate leaders, teachers and houses of worship to reach their audiences virtually during and after pandemic.

Crew Dragon

SpaceX Mission Represents One Small Step for AV, One Giant Leap for Integrators

Crew Dragon autonomous shuttle equipped with touchscreen controls, taking NASA to technological heights it never imagined before.

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The State of Sound Masking in 2020: Episode 107 of AV+

This week, we’re taking another break from Coronavirus-related stories to check in on a category we’ve seen grow every year: sound masking.

pro AV News to Know

AV News to Know May 29, 2020: New Products, Cool Projects and People in New Places

In this week’s edition: Mimo Monitors touch-free platform, Grammy Awards rely on Claypaky and AtlasIED adds international distributors.

Lencore sound masking

Q&A: Dan Jacobs of Lencore Acoustics on the State of Sound Masking

Lencore has long been a provider of audio system solutions for various environments, and after a recent acquisition that won’t be changing.

Fluffy Cloud

The Fluffy Cloud Represents Necessary Reinvention of Live Experience

The Fluffy Cloud is a 360-degree live performance space that includes a concert stage with more than 30,000 LEDs and 60,000-watt sound system.

SDVoE Alliance

SDVoE Alliance Launches AV Network Design Assistance Program

SDVoE Alliance offering free technical help to pro AV system designers, integrators and end users choosing Ethernet-based system deployments.

Drive-Through AV Vertical

COVID-19 is Creating a Busy Drive-Through AV Vertical

When COVID-19 forced restaurants to close their dining rooms, drive-throughs and pickup operations became critical, creating an AV opportunity.


CommScope Accelerates Enterprise Wi-Fi 6 Adoption with New Access Points

CommScope introduces five new Wi-Fi 6 certified access points through Ruckus product line to push Wi-Fi 6 into the mainstream.

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