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Selling 4K: Can Your Customers Even Tell the Difference?

A recent webinar from Brawn Consulting explains how the eye sees 4K and what that means for selling the tech to customers.

outdoor digital signage, Apollo Enclosures

Apollo Enclosures Latest Products Address Outdoor Digital Signage

Apollo Enclosures’ new PRO Line of enclosure products allow integrators to utilize the displays of their choice for outdoor digital signage applications.

Skreens, video walls

This Disruptive Innovation Makes Video Walls Easier and More Affordable

Skreens In-a-Box is a disruptive innovation strategy that reduces complexity and pricing while making video walls accessible to more customers.

LG, 4K OLED Display

New ‘Wallpaper-Thin’ 4K OLED Displays from LG Plaster Hotels with Video

LG Electronics USA Business Solutions has announced its new 4K OLED Wallpaper Hotel TV that discreetly blends into hotel room environments.

Atlético de Madrid, Tripleplay, Madrid's new stadium, Wanda Metropolitano Stadium, Atletico Madrid,

Atlético de Madrid’s New Wanda Metropolitano Stadium Alight with Tripleplay Signage

Atletico Madrid’s new stadium, Wanda Metropolitano, features hundreds of Tripleplay screens, 500 of them equipped with an interactive IPTV portal.

APG Rentals, HyperPixel, LED video wall

How to Assemble a 525-tile HyperPixel LED Video Wall in a Few Days and Then Disassemble It in 1 Night

For a one-day rental and staging project for a Canadian broadcaster, APG Rentals quickly installed a 525-tile 2.9mm HyperPixel LED video wall.

Orlando City Stadium, Orlando City Soccer Club, JBL sound system, Clair Solutions, large venue

6 Ways the Large Venue Integration Market Is Evolving

The need to create personalized, interactive solutions for 60,000-plus attendees is just one way the large venue integration bar has been raised.

Curry College, Special Needs, Learning Disabilities, Program for Advancement of Learning, Assistive Technology,

Curry College Uses Assistive Technology to Level Playing Field for Special Needs Students

Curry College has improved its already-successful Program for Advancement of Learning (PAL) by working with an integration firm to design assistive technology solutions for students with learning disabilities.

Electrosonic, Mass Effect

Videogame Magic of Mass Effect Captured by Electrosonic in Theme Park Ride

Electrosonic’s 4D installation plays off an existing 60-foot 4K screen, adds intense surround sound to immerse guests in a popular video game-based ride.

BenQ_RP704K,bacteria-resistant, germ resistant, germ, interactive flat panels, IFPs, BenQ America Corp.,

BenQ’s New Collaborative 4K Interactive Flat Panels Won’t Spread Germs

BenQ America Corp. RP654K, RP704K and RP750K interactive flat panels’ bacteria-resistant, nano-silver coating reduces the spread of germs from hands touching the screens.

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