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Super Bowl Stadium Adds LED Ribbons and Lights, Solar Panels, Replay Tech

NRG Stadium in Houston hosting second Super Bowl with digital HD Mitsubishi Diamond Vision video boards and Gefen HDMI video matrix.

Photo of Meeting Room with Collaboration solution

AV Disruption: Recognizing New Collaboration Trends and Their Impact

With solutions such as Cisco’s Spark Board, the ability to collaborate is easier, and less technical, than ever before, disrupting the AV integrator’s traditional role and forcing industry pros to find new paths to success.

Photo of Tierney Brothers Collaboration room with Surface Hub

Tierney Brothers Walks the Walk with Collaboration-Friendly Headquarters

The integration firm made its new building the highly interactive, open work space it recommends to its customers – and shows it off to them whenever it gets the chance.

This is a gymnasium

The Systems Integrator’s Guide to Replacing K-12 Gymnasium Technology

Gymnasiums act as auditoriums, host sporting events and are even used for instruction in many K-12 schools. Upgrading gyms with direct-fire LED screens can help schools save money and operate more efficiently.

Morgan Stanley Building in NYC

Daktronics Gives New York’s Morgan Stanley Building Major LED Upgrade

The Morgan Stanley Building stands out in busy Times Square thanks to its new LED Video Spectacular that boasts more than 6 million pixels, 12 million LEDs and 281 trillion colors.

Retail Opportunities

7 Ways the Retail Market Is Changing

Much like companies are rethinking their employees’ office spaces and creating opportunities for integrators, retailers are rethinking store spaces and leaning on technology.

Macy’s Uses Interactivity, Customization to Expand Reach to Millennials

Interactive digital experiences help legendary retailer connect with customers of all ages in flagship Herald Square location.

Misericordia University Rethinks Library with Help from T1V

Less about books, more about collaboration: Misericordia University turns to T1V interactive walls running ThinkHub collaboration software to refocus use of student library.

Nestlé Competence Center: The Future Work and Meeting Space

Nestlé’s new communication building in Frankfurt is chock-full of sophisticated AV concepts, thanks to design and planning work by macom.

ViewSonic’s 3 New Displays Include Digital Signage Players and More

ViewSonic is launching a series of commercial displays with integrated media players, thin industrial design and connectivity options such as HDMI, DVI and DisplayPort.

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