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online dialog CI 40 under 40

Amplifying Lesser-Heard Voices: Explaining the 40 Under 40’s Raison D’être

Responding to a robust dialogue on #avtweeps Twitter, CI’s editor-in-chief offers his thoughts on why the 40 Under 40 has value.

Tech AVaaS Lease

Is AV-as-a-Service the Same as a Lease?

The short answer is no! There are major differences between AVaaS and a traditional lease, and we explore them here.

The InfoComm 2022 exhibit floor, packed with people.

InfoComm ’22: A Launchpad for the Future

From practical virtual reality to the rise of hybrid, the #avtweeps community had much to experience…and much to celebrate.

collaborative workplace environment

Collaborating Your Way Through a Complex AV Project

Collaboration must be how we, as project professionals, choose to work together to meet clients’ increasingly complex needs.

Cory Schaeffer retires podcast

Celebrating Cory Schaeffer: A Cross-Competitor Podcast

Competitors join forces to celebrate the remarkable career of Cory Schaeffer as she retires and enters the next chapter of her life.

Corey Schaeffer retirement

Wishing AV Industry Legend Cory Schaeffer a Happy Retirement

AV brands come together to tribute, reminisce and bid fond farewells to one of the most consequential figures in the last several decades of commercial AV.

InfoComm 2022 Logo

InfoComm ’22 Blog: Economic Headwinds and Tailwinds

CI’s editor offers a synopsis of AVIXA’s latest market research and what it indicates about commercial AV’s growth potential.

sales and marketing team collaborating

Sales and Marketing: Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

Have sales and marketing functions become muddy, or have we entered a new phase where the two specialties can collaborate to serve customers?

Coworkers fist bump in team meeting, happy colleagues clapping hands. Teamwork cooperation, company morale, company culture

The Company Morale Conundrum

Leaders must act to build a positive, values-based corporate culture.

Students socialising under AVoIP screen in atrium at university education campus

The Building Blocks of an AVoIP Campus

The transition to AVoIP solutions can present a challenge, but education institutions are rising to the occasion.