Spotlight on InfoComm 2019

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Booked Up, Busy, and Billable: Strategies to Maximize Tech Utilization

This FREE downloadable paper explains 5 strategies to maximize technician utilization.

InfoComm Announces Annual AV Award Winners

Annual AV Awards dinner celebrates industry pioneer, volunteer, young professional and much more.

Forget ROI, There’s a Better Way to Determine Investment Value

The standard cost-benefit analysis of ROI doesn’t work in all situations, especially with the technology space changing so rapidly today. It’s time to look at another formula, called value on investment (VOI).

AV Crosstalk: Design-Bid or Design-Build?

Longtime industry insiders debate whether it’s better to work with a consultant when updating your AV or to go directly to the integrator.

What Obamacare Means For Your Small Business

Learn how to find low insurance prices, take advantage of tax credits and employ private health insurance within your business.

Forecasts Mixed for Industry’s Economic Future

GDP growth remains slow, but there’s some level of optimism that things are (slowly) continuing to rebound. But how long will the recovery last? It all depends who you ask.

8 Ways To Calm a CIO’s AV Anxiety

As demands evolve for integrators who now must know how to secure the information and the equipment they’re putting on networks, their clients have lots of questions. Here are a few answers.

Inside Learfield’s Acquisition of ANC Sports

Move helps parent company expand its portfolio, helps integrator make inroads into college and other markets.

Kudos to InfoComm, Shame on Its Members

ICIF grant program seems to be ideal opportunity for companies to add young people, but few have signed up so far. What’s going on?

InfoComm Student Grant Program Still Open

Up to 20 students will work for AV integrators for a year through offering aimed at fostering young people’s love of the industry.