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Your Most Burning Question, Answered: What AV Customers Really Care About

Julian Phillips, VP of Whitlock, discusses the importance of delivering simplicity, scalability and standardization, ‘The Three S’s,’ when serving AV customers.

People & Places: Polycom Appoints Mary McDowell as New CEO

CI takes a look at the latest news in the industry: AVI-SPL opens an office in Germany, ATX Networks acquires InnoTrans Communications Inc., Leyard and Planar hire a new director of northeast sales, and more.

Achtung! AVI-SPL Is Expanding to Germany

AVI-SPL is opening an office in Frankfurt and will support global enterprise customers while providing German-speaking assistance with its 24-hour help desk.

The Top 3 Challenges AV Integrators Are Facing Today

A survey of ten AV integrators reveals that the convergence of IT and AV, managing customers’ 4K expectations and keeping up with all of the latest technology innovations are the biggest challenges industry professionals are currently facing.

IoT planning

What You Want (and Don’t Want) From the Internet of Things

The IoT is now giving companies more access to data than ever before, but without proper protection of this data, the IoT can do more harm than good.

3 Choices for Your Tech Firm: Get Big, Get Niche or Get Out

In an ever-changing industry, integration firms need to be able to serve their customers locally, nationally and globally, or find a geographical or vertical market niche to thrive in.

Don’t Try to Grow Your Business Without Looking to the Cloud First

By moving your business model to the cloud, companies can improve their agility, productivity, and speed of implementation and deployment.

Don’t Think Women Are Interested In Tech? It May Be the Biggest Lie in the Integration Industry

A recent study from Accenture concluded that women bring more tech expertise to a corporate boardroom than men do. Perhaps it’s time for the industry to take a look at its recruiting practices, especially when it comes to recruiting potential female job candidates.

The Commercial Integrator’s Dilemma: Do I Sell or Do I Grow?

The economy is changing, technology is evolving and standing still is not an option. The owners of mid-market commercial integration firms must choose between several financial paths, including investment in growth, engaging in M&A activity and cashing in.

3 Ways Hosted Video Surveillance Can Be a Champion for Dealers

Cloud-hosted video solutions can benefit dealers with a monthly service model, ease-of-installation, and the same IoT integration opportunities it promises customers.