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Tierney Brothers, Dunk Tank, Michael Tierney

Tierney Brothers Employees Had Their Bosses Right Where They Wanted Them: In a Dunk Tank

Leading into a busy stretch for Tierney Brothers employees, the CEO, COO and sales manager climbed into a dunk tank so the team could exact revenge.

CI 40 Under 40, 2017, systems integrators, AV, 40 CI Influencers Under 40

CI 40 Under 40: Class of 2017

The 4th annual CI 40 Under 40: Class of 2017 features our youngest members ever and other AV systems integrators who’ve made major marks on the industry.

Stampede, Big Book of AV Tour

Stampede Big Book of AV Tour Starts Second Half in Ohio Next Month

The second half of the 2017 North American Stampede Big Book of AV Tour & Conference Series kicks off in Columbus, Ohio on September 14th.

NSCA, business growth, integration market

These NSCA Findings Remind Us that Slow, Steady Business Growth Is Like Good Barbecue

NSCA Electronic Systems Outlook Summer 2017 analyzes construction data to reflects a return to more normal business growth, slow, like good Barbecue.

Verrex, AV industry, Pro-AV Business Index, systems integration

How to Read InfoComm’s Monthly Pro-AV Business Index

InfoComm International’s monthly tracking of systems integration industry health shows drop from May to June, but still includes reasons for optimism.

Movies with a Message, Business

12 Classic Movies with a Message for Your Business

Integrators and EH Media staffers share their favorite movies with a message featuring business lessons that help them do better work.

Crestron, Crestron Studio

3 Reasons Why the Crestron Studio Won a BEST Award

The Crestron Studio won a BEST Award under Programming, Design & Engineering Solutions. This is what separated it from other applicants.

Full Sail University, InfoComm

Full Sail University Partners with InfoComm Foundation on AV Education

Full Sail University becomes InfoComm International’s 12th education partner with online and on-campus offerings starting this fall.

PSA Security Network to Help Integrators Hire Military Veterans for AV Jobs

PSA Security Network members have access to the SalesMarines hiring program, which helps U.S. military veterans find AV jobs in integration.

MNEC, University Technology Managers, IT

6 Things Your Education Clients Deal With All the Time

Your education clients, University Technology Managers, don’t have it easy. These folks plan for the future while dealing with the IT struggles of today.