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Kramer Control

Kramer Control Is Ready to Ship at InfoComm 2017

Announced last year, at InfoComm 2017 Kramer is taking orders and shipping its no-programming required, data-collecting, cloud-based, scalable automation platform Kramer Control.  

almo global

Almo Global Business Team Launching at InfoComm 2017

Almo Global Business Team to be introduced at InfoComm 2017 pre-show networking event, with booth tours in Spanish during the show.

Michael Hester, Beacon Communications, Roadie

Industry’s Got Talent: Michael Hester, Beacon Communications, Former Roadie

This week’s Industry’s Got Talent: former NSCA president and Beacon Communications founder Michael Hester recalls the lessons he learned from Pete Townsend.

Infocomm 2017, augmented reality, 3D printing

‘Out-There’ Topics at InfoComm 2017

A closer look at some of the uncommon and boldly futuristic presentations lined up for InfoComm 2017 in Orlando, Florida.

PSNI Global Alliance, Labuskes

PSNI Global Alliance Built on Trust with Eye on Canvassing the World

10 initial PSNI Global Alliance members will help organization ‘stay relevant’ as industry continues to strengthen global focus.

Heidi Voorhees, InfoComm

New InfoComm COO Heidi Voorhees Energizes Strategic Focus

Longtime management expert Heidi Voorhees is excited for this month’s expo and says the organization needs to keep audience experience in mind at all times.

Diversified, CompView

Diversified, CompView CEOs Give Inside Look at Acquisition

Diversified, CompView started talking about two years ago, share many of the same philosophies, expand reach for both firms.

Draper rebranding to be unveiled

Draper Teases a Corporate Rebranding to be Unveiled at InfoComm 2017

Draper says its corporate rebranding, which it will unveil at InfoComm 2017, reflects feedback from its customers.

collaboration, burnout, collaboration tools, AV installers

How to Avoid Collaboration Overload

Collaborative work environments are everywhere. Here’s what you can do to make sure your employees – and their productivity – don’t suffer.

NSCA Education Foundation, NSCA Ignite, NSCA. NSCA Education Foundation

NSCA Ambassadors’ Recruiting Efforts Ignite Interest in AV Among Students

NSCA Ignite program aimed at increasing awareness in AV integration for next generation through outreach at high schools and colleges.

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