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How Digital Signage Can Activate Smart Cities

In order to unlock the potential of smart cities, digital signage must be used to provide information that is locally relevant, real-time, and actionable.

How to Deliver Access Control Solutions that Evolve with Clients’ Needs

Mark Duato, Integrated Solutions Specialist Group Vice President, ASSA ABLOY and Yale Commercial discusses with CI how integrators ought to work with their customers to plan access control solutions.

Almo’s Spring E4 AV Tour Creates ‘Lightbulb Moment’ Opportunities

Almo Pro AV expects there to be plenty of new ideas or ‘lightbulb moments’ to arise out of its spring 2017 E4 AV Tour, which comes to Chicago on March 22 and San Jose on April 19.

Recurring Revenue, ConnectWise

5 Ways to Boost Recurring Revenue

In order to grow your business and stay competitive, recurring revenue must become part of your business model. Annuity services, payment for project delivery and pay-per-use are just a few revenue types that can boost your recurring revenue.

Is ‘Going Global’ the New ‘AV-IT Convergence?’

Integrators that wait too long to explore the world of possibilities outside North America will find themselves missing out on a major opportunity.

4 Ways the Museum Market Is Evolving

Museums are taking a new approach to providing information by leveraging mobile phones for content delivery, incorporating complex touch-based exhibits, non-touchscreen-based interactives, and more immersive technology into their spaces.

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How to Boost Network Security By Getting Back to the Basics

Preemptive security measures, particularly regarding anything on a customer’s IT network, as well as more monitoring and reporting efforts can deliver more peace of mind for your clients.

NSCA Announces 2017 Excellence in Business Award Winners

Live! Technologies, Conference Technologies, Atrion, a Carousel company, Unified AV Systems, ClearTech and Mechdyne Corporation are honored by NSCA for business performance.

3 Tips for Avoiding AV Project Failure

Issues involving scope of work, deadlines and communications can derail your AV project into a profit-draining detour.

What It Takes to Be a Successful Digital Signage Integrator

Digital signage professionals weigh in on how the category will evolve in 2017 and which integration firms will evolve with it.

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