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3 Ways Hosted Video Surveillance Can Be a Champion for Dealers

Cloud-hosted video solutions can benefit dealers with a monthly service model, ease-of-installation, and the same IoT integration opportunities it promises customers.

People & Places: Solarfective Products Limited Acquired by Legrand

CI takes a look at the latest news in the industry: Legrand announces that it has acquired Solarfective Products Limited, expanding its shading portfolio to commercial markets, Roland joins forces with V-MODA, AVAD announces new leadership roles and hires, and more.

Q & A: Mvix Explains Why You Should Choose Video Walls Over Digital Signage

Mike Kilian, director of business development for Mvix, took the time to speak with CI regarding why video wall solutions are a better choice than digital signage solutions for large venues.

Are You Aware of These Various Digital Signage Opportunities?

LG’s Garry Wicka spoke with CI editor Tom LeBlanc regarding the new opportunities digital signage presents to integrators, including educational and transportation applications that stray away from traditional applications.

Here’s Why Office Space Matters to Company Culture

Leadership teams must use every tool in the book, including office space, to cultivate the culture that they feel will strengthen their organizations from the ground up.

Cisco to Carry Out Massive Lay off of About 14,000 Employees

The cuts, which represent nearly 20 percent of the company’s global workforce, are expected to be announced within the next few weeks.

Here’s a Quick Way to Peek Inside IT Directors’ Heads

Insight from IT solutions distributor D&H offers eye-opening view of IT directors’ challenges, needs.

Proof that Disengaged Employees Are Dangerous to Your Business

According to a study conducted by PSNI, there is a huge threat to businesses when employees are disengaged, even by a small percentage.

The Evolution of Media: Why It Matters to the Industry

AV Nation’s Tim Albright and Chris Neto and CI editors Tom LeBlanc and Craig MacCormack discuss how the media has changed over the years and why audiences are benefiting from that change.

What Your Employees Are Begging You For

Employees need to feel valued, challenged and engaged in order to bring the energy and positivity needed to be a part of a successful business.

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