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14 Tech Business ‘Realities’ You Might Vehemently Dispute

Lack of standards diminishes credibility. Unfriendly manufacturer distribution policies. Futile future-proofing. These are just some of the frank topics during a 2016 CI Summit panel discussion.

ATI Insight: How to Attract Tech Talent to a Nearly Invisible Industry

Rob Simopoulos, president of systems integrator Advance Technology Inc. (ATI) shares his insights, advice and regrets about finding and keeping top-notch, tech-savvy employees.

Hear From 3 Integrators Making the Whole RMR Thing a Success

Integrators still trying to get rich selling products must understand the value of recurring revenue and help their customers understand it too.

Do You Know the Cybersecurity Risks Hiding in Operational Technology?

Systems like climate control, access control, lighting, video surveillance, aspects of electrical infrastructure and more can pose significant cybersecurity threats to an institution’s network.

InfoComm, Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology Partner to Create AV Technology Program

Through this partnership, BFIT is offering coursework in AV technology within its Computer Technology Department and is planning to create an associate degree in the field.

Nothing but Cloud: Why You Should Offer AV as a Service

Putting ‘nothing-but-cloud’ AV and its top-to-bottom management into the hands of expert partners lets an enterprise keep its focus on its business goals—and leave the rest to the experts.

Here’s the Answer to Truly Converging AV/IT Networks

In order to truly converge AV and IT networks, the capacity of the data network needs to be upgraded. 10 Gbps infrastructure is the solution.

3 Tips to Improving BYOD Deployment in Commercial Businesses

When helping your commercial business clients implement BYOD into their offices, it’s important to consider how they are going to support and protect various amounts of devices on the network.

Inside DasNet’s Growth: Building Relationships Remains as Important as Ever

DasNet has found its key to growth and success by building and maintaining strong relationships with partners, clients and the countries by which it does business in.

Why You’ve Been Selling All Wrong (and the Secret to Doing It Right)

According to Ian Altman’s book Same Side Selling, businesses need to do away with the adversarial gamification of selling and instead create relationships with clients to find solutions.

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