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How Yorktel Saved Financial Institution Hundreds of Thousands in Videoconferencing Costs

In reviewing the financial institution’s new building plans, Yorktel quickly discovered that it wasn’t prepared with sufficient conduit for new videoconferencing equipment, saving the company hundreds of thousands in extra costs.

How to Thrive in the Light Broadcast Market

Video content creation, storage and distribution represents major opportunity in the light broadcast market for integrators who are willing to participate.

Drones Over Broadway: UAVs Play Big Role in Paramour Musical

Theatrical applications such as Cirque du Soleil’s Broadway show Paramour has paved the way for UAVs use for live events.

Winter Preventative Maintenance: 3 Tips to Get You Ready

Staying organized, documenting problems as they arise and communicating with those in charge of the spaces that are being maintained are three keys to conducting successful winter PM.

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How to Use Digital Signage to Increase Customer Loyalty

When delivering digital signage solutions, it’s important to consider how information is designed and presented in order to bring consumers into the brand’s experience and increase customer loyalty.

The Mistake Companies Make as They Look to Grow

Small businesses’ growth strategies shouldn’t just focus on becoming bigger, they should also focus on being efficient, winning the loyalty of customers and tackling the right markets.

A Programmer’s Plea to Manufacturers: Give Us Your Code

In order for programmers to effectively do their jobs, manufacturers should make the code needed to program a system readily available.

Global AV Partnership Bringing Worldwide Standards of Excellence

Founding members say they’ll look to add more integrators and consultants after hearing clients at Fortune 1000 companies need global assistance.

Having Trouble Offering Maintenance Outside Your Service Area?

With Herman’s Annual Maintenance agreements, our technicians are available nationwide.

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Anderson AV Fits AVI-SPL Like a Geographic Glass Slipper

AVI-SPL pursued Anderson AV agressively to bolster its Western U.S. presence and ability to serve California’s technology sector.